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April 2017 Newsletter

Technology and Asthma: How the Use of Smartphones Can Help with Asthma

Apps to Try Yourself!

World Asthma Week!

Breathe Pennsylvania Update

Press Release: New FDA Drug Shows Promise for Asthma Sufferers

January 2017 Newsletter

Asthma Misdiagnosis

Bronchial Thermoplasty

What If I Don’t Have Asthma?

E-cigarettes in the News and the Link to Popcorn Lung

Volunteer for Asthma – AIR (Asthma Institute Research Registry)

October 2016 Newsletter

Bringing Respiratory Care to Primary Care

Research Update

Research Volunteers and the Pitt+Me Initiative’s New Recruiting Approach

Events and Community Outreach


July 2016 Newsletter

Considering Being a Part of a Research Study? Hear from our Research Participants!

Read about Terri, Bruce, John, and Jarrett.

Do You Have Asthma?





June 2016 Newsletter

Dr. Anuradha Ray Honored with the Recognition Award for Scientific Accomplishments

Do you have Moderate or Severe Asthma?





April 2016 Newsletter

The Asthma Institute’s Dr. Wenzel Receives Breathing for Life Award from American Thoracic Society Foundation

Upcoming Community Events from our Partners at Breathe Pennsylvania





March 2016 Newsletter

Asthma and Allergies in Pittsburgh: A City Profile

Come Find Us at the Pittsburgh Marathon!

Your Lung Health – Local and National Resources


February 2016 Newsletter

Asthma and Antibiotics: Valid Treatment or Overperscription?

Asthma Support Group




January 2016 Newsletter

New Drug Receives FDA Approval to Treat Severe Asthma

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy new year from the Asthma Institute!





August 2015 

Asthma and Obesity: A New Study at the Asthma Institute

Research Update






July 2015

Participant Profile – Carmen and Quinn

New at the Asthma Institute

Got Asthma?





June 2015 

 Community Outreach Spotlight – Lincoln-Lemington Clinic

New at the Asthma Institute

Volunteer for Asthma